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Bucha - Hero City of Ukraine. During the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February - March 2022, Russian troops carried out a mass murder of the civilian population in Bucha, known as the Bucha Massacre.


Photo Team Irpin

Irpin is the largest city in the Bucha district of the Kyiv region. On March 24, 2022, by decree of the President of Ukraine, in order to honor the feat, mass heroism, and resilience of citizens shown in the defense of their cities during the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the city was awarded the honorary title "Hero City of Ukraine".

What happened?

Bucha and Irpin were among the first cities to fall under occupation and experienced a real tragedy during the war.

What did we do?

In June 2022, our team wanted to bring life back to these cities, to give children the opportunity to experience joy and pleasure from simple things like football. That's why we decided to launch our project right here.

What's next?

Next, we plan to expand our geography and organize free training sessions in frontline and newly liberated cities that will need our assistance.

We promise that you'll have a great time!

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