1х1 Charity Cup

The 1x1 Charity Cup is a unique football tournament created and successfully implemented in the Netherlands.

This game format differs from regular football as players compete strictly one-on-one, using ingenuity, technique, and agility to outplay their opponent.

Game Rules

The game's rules are simple - the player starts 20 meters away from the goal and has 10 seconds to score against the goalkeeper. Each player gets three rounds of five attempts to earn their place in the final.

The Impact

This tournament encourages young footballers to improve their football skills and significantly impacts the football industry.
The 1x1 game is considered an alternative to the penalty shootouts and one of the potential ways to reform football and increase its spectacle for fans.

Who is it for?

The 1x1 Charity Cup tournament is divided into three age categories, so that everyone can participate in the competitions according to their age:

6-8 years

9-10 years

11-12 years

Thanks to this, every participant will have the opportunity to showcase their talent and feel like a part of the football community.

photo of 1x1 Charity Cup competition
Want to host a 1x1 Charity Cup in your city?