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About Us

Our Story

The social project "Come out and play!" was initiated in June 2022 in Bucha and Irpin, as a response to the challenges these cities faced after liberation: primarily restoring the emotional state and adapting children after being under occupation.

Our Goals

  • To ensure access to quality sports activities for children in cities that have experienced occupation and are near the front line.

  • To support the restoration of psychological comfort and adaptation of children through sport.

  • To develop the project and expand its geography to other cities in Ukraine.

The main expense areas of the project include:

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Icon Money
Salaries - administrator, coaches
Icon Building
Rental of training facilities
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Acquisition of training equipment

Our Team

Our team consists of volunteers and professional coaches who are united with the aim of supporting children and developing sports in Ukraine.

Photo Maksym Mikhalkov

Maksym Mikhalkov

Founder of the 'Come Out and Play!' project
Studied Football business at Johan Cruyff Institute and has a higher education in political science.
He is the founder of the Football Innovations Office and the Futziball sports school in Ukraine.
Photo Anya Stanishevska

Anya Stanishevska

Communications Manager and Photographer
An educator by training, having graduated from the department of history.
Over 3 years of work experience.
Creates photo and video content for social media. Organizes commercial photo shoots.
She is responsible for managing the social media of the "Come Out and Play" project, and the photos she takes are published on our Instagram.
Photo Anastasia Demchenko

Anastasia Demchenko

Project Manager
Involved in sports since childhood, engaging in swimming and athletics, she's a coach at the Futziball sports, development, and fun school. Holds qualifications in dance coaching, functional stretching, and acrobatics.
Thanks to experience with children of various ages, she finds an individual approach to each child. Responsible for communication and administration of the organization's projects.
Photo Ivan Tarasyuk

Ivan Tarasyuk

Has experience working as a football coach and counselor at the "Artek" children's camp, coach at the Futziball school of sports, development, and fun.
A certified specialist in stretching, children's fitness, functional training.
Studies and adapts the mental and physical components of a person in life and training, adjusting to individual and group sessions.
Photo Vlad Odynets

Vlad Odynets

Has been involved in sports since childhood, graduated from the "Arsenal Kyiv" sports school. Plays for a football team in the amateur league.
Holds a higher education degree in "Football Coaching". Also a certified specialist in children's fitness.
Has over 8 years of experience working with children of different ages. Works and develops in the field of children's fitness.

Support the Project

Every contribution helps us provide training absolutely free of charge. Together we bring smiles and hope to children. Thank you for your support!

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